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“The strong perfumes of the souk mixing with sweat and desire under the hot Mediterranean sun.


House of Jaffa explores being Queer in the Middle East as celebration of the beauty of the outsider and create an escapist and romantic mosaic of visuals & emotions into an unapologetic aesthetic.”


Golan Frydman & Eddie Gavriilidis are creating a contemporary resort collection:

genderless, expressive and sex-positive.

Menswear silhouettes are softened by fluid fabrics and romantic prints and embroideries.


“Our garments are born to connect people that know how to celebrate life and fulfil their own bohemian rhapsody with at its core:


Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love.


Eddie is a Greek-born designer; after designing for Alexander

McQueen, Tom Ford and Lady Gaga amongst others, establishing

his London-based fashion development and manufacturing

business The Sampling Studio where he works with leading

high-end fashion labels such as ACNE studios, Preen & Fiorucci.

Golan, Israeli-born designer, co-helmed his high-end
fashion brand FYODOR GOLAN, which is known for its bold,
designs and collaborations with leading pop figures such as
Madonna, Rihanna and AriannaGrande and mega brands
such as Coca-Cola Microsoft and MTV.

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